Cucumber Juice

5 Easy Homemade Detox Drinks!

With the societal shift towards a healthy lifestyle in recent years, detox drinks are the new answer to “What’s Your Poison?” I prefer to start my day with one of these. Below are my 5 favorite ones I tried at home.

1. Cucumber-Lemon Juice

It is a classic cooling antioxidant, offering high fiber and water content with essential nutrients for digestion and detoxifying properties. Instead of morning Tea/Coffee switch to this. I’ve been drinking this regularly for a while now. Just blend half a cucumber, squeeze 1 tablespoon lemon juice and grate a small amount of ginger. It’s not an alternative to weight loss but will keep you refreshed!

Cucumber Juice

2. Jamun Shots

The separation of pulp from the seeds is a tedious job but worth it. It sure is a seasonal drink but I never miss out on this. It is beneficial in keeping blood sugar level in check and hence is recommended for diabetic patients. Nevertheless, it cleanses the blood, keeps your skin clean and digestion in sync. Blend the Jamun pulp with a tint of salt and very little amount of water (if required).

Jamun Shots

3. Ginger-Lemon Ale

The preparation of this is quite a time taking (overnight process). Click here to check the recipe. It’s handy in chilled weather to soothe coughs and sore throats. It reduces menstrual cramps and keeps sugar levels in check as well. This drink can be stored in the refrigerator for a week at least. If you love the taste of ginger, you’ll surely enjoy it!

Ginger Ale

4. Watermelon-Mint Cooler

I never met a watermelon I liked (said no one ever). With the little fiber and excess water content, it keeps you well hydrated. The vitamins A and C found in watermelon keep your skin supple and hair shinier. The mint leaves and a small amount of black pepper give this drink a savory taste.

Watermelon Juice

5. Cucumber- Apple Juice

Drink your greens! This is one of the drinks I prefer in the early morning. Just blend a cucumber, an apple, mint leaves, and squeeze some lemon juice. The apple gives this drink a thick texture and tangy flavor. It detoxifies and cleanses the body and results in healthier-looking skin.

Detox Drinks

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