AJA-Fresh, Grilled & Healthy, Chandigarh

AJA is said to be a spirit of herbal healing in African mythology. I couldn’t have asked for a better breakfast deli. They offer a blend of African meals, smells of European kitchens, sounds of Asian stalls & the taste of the Americas. It’s one of the very few cafes in the country offering ‘Vegan Food’.

It’s amazing how they let you enjoy your meals and be healthy at the same time. I never knew a pizza could be healthy until I tried one of theirs. Apart from being topped with organic veggies, it had a whole wheat base and was vegan-friendly. I also had a ‘Spicy Tofu’ wrap, a perfect blend of various spices yet healthy. I tried a ‘Cafe Miel’, coffee with honey and cinnamon. The presence of honey catered the need for sugar and cinnamon superbly added to its taste. Their ‘Hazelnut Hot Chocolate’ is a recommended one. The prominent presence of hazelnut in hot chocolate is appetizing. Every penny spent is worth it here.

AJA-Fresh, Grilled & Healthy is a small cafe with an amazing minimal interior, just the greens, the greys, and the wooden things. The indoor presence of a small vertical garden adds to the freshness of the ambiance. I came across one of the friendliest staff in here. I shall definitely visit again on my next visit to Chandigarh.

AJA’s at a glance:-

Food:  5/5

Service:  5/5

Ambiance: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

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