Bombay Brasserie, Bangalore

Bombay Brasserie located on the streets of Indiranagar is hard to not get your attention with its decor. It was on my list for a long time. My cravings for some North Indian food finally landed me here for a brunch. And to all the health freaks out there, you won’t regret a cheat day here.

The menu will surely give you a nostalgia (or to me at least) for the local street food. They serve all the beloved North Indian food prepared just in the right way. I was eager to try as many dishes as I can from the menu. To start with I ordered a ‘Masala Chai’, tasted very much like a homemade one with the perfect blend of herbs and spices and one ‘Kashmiri Bloom Tea’ which had a tint of apple, figs and lemons in every sip. I had one ‘Chowpatty Corn Chaat’, and it did justice to my tastebuds. Lastly, I had a small plate of ‘Amritsari Aloo Kulcha’, generously stuffed with spices potatoes and served with ‘Amritsari Chole’, I loved how it was presented, prepared and being fulfilling for the tummy.

Being a plant lover, I adore the use of lots of plants for the decor. The wandering jew just won my heart. The color scheme is very minimal, pastel and soothing for the eyes. Bombay Brasserie is quite a spacious cafe, the ambiance here is very vintage and rustic. I shall definitely visit this place multiple times for the more good food.

Bombay Brasserie, Bangalore at a glance:-

Food:  5/5

Service:  4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

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