Brahma Brews, Bangalore

Brahma Brews doesn’t fall in the category of yet another microbrewery in the city. I’m not a beer person unless it comes to microbreweries, and Brahma Brews did win my heart. This is a worth visiting among the microbreweries of South Bangalore. My visit here with the fellow foodies was a delightful one.

We were served the sampler pallet having all the usual beers (Belgian Wit, Apple Cider, Weizenbock, & Kolsch), what really impressed me was their in-house special, Ananas (Pineapple Beer), this was something unique and tasted very refreshing. They are in the process of brewing “Watermelon” and “Mango” beer. I shall definitely pay a visit to savor them. We were given an insightful tour in the beer-making unit by their Head Brewer Mr. Sunil Moholkar. A whole lotta food was served on my table starting from garlic bread to keep the tastebud fresh. A plate of chicken fingers and veg loaded nachos on the side were a perfect beer bites.

Apart from the beer, they served some pretty amazing cocktails. I tried some four different ones absolutely loved the Irish cocktail, it was a blend of Indian spices. I had a “Garden City” pizza, it was a thin crust and wood-fired, just the way I like. Their mutton seekh kebab is highly recommended. Last but most important, the desserts! So their dessert menu is quite captivating. I savored a “Turkish Nutty Baklava”, “Mango Gulla” and “Dudhi ka Halwa with Payasam”. The desserts tasted as good as they looked.

Brahma Brews is very spacious, it offers a lot of seating options. This place is more like a garden area. The ambiance is very lively and the staff members are courteous. I look forward to trying out their innovative brewed beers!

Brahma Brews at a glance:-

Food:  4/5

Drinks: 5/5

Service:  5/5

Ambiance: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5

Overall: 5/5

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