Cafe Peterdonuts, Prabhat Road, Pune

This outlet of Peterdonuts is the most commodious of all. They have a serene and a poised ambiance. The interior here is quite impressive, high-toned and captivating. One will definitely love their comfortable and snuggling seating arrangements. I liked the color palette of this place. So much  of reds, blacks and some whites. The ambiance here is usually calm. Thus, a peaceful place to spend some quality time.

I definitely ordered a donut here, a custard donut with a coffee alongside. I was refused to get served a hot donut because warming it up in an oven would make all the custard filling spread and spill out (as said by a waiter). For my surprise there was just a dinky amount of custard filling inside and  the donut was insipid.

I went to Peterdonuts to kill my craving for waffles and was highly satisfied. They really serve some luscious waffles in the town, do top it up with maple syrup and whipped cream.

I did try a Spaghetti Chicken Ball as well, tossed in aglioaglio style and topped with  chicken balls in arrabiata sauce. No cavilling with the taste but the quantity they provide is very less for the price it costs. Not really worth it. The prices here are a bit on a higher side for the quantity they offer.

Cafe Peterdonuts at a glance:-




Value for money-2.5/5



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