Cafe Rome

Cafe Rome is my newly found gem for some authentic Italian food. Located in the streets of Sahakar Nagar, this newly opened cafe will surely catch your eye and definitely deserves a visit.

I started off with few “Bubble Teas”, a drink with tapioca pearl balls. I tried a “Mr. Frutea Signature”, a “Coffee Tea Twist”, an “Okinawa White Tea” and a “Sanpin Tea”. You gotta have a really strong tastebud to differentiate among the first three. The “Red Velvet Cake Shake” here is a truly liquid form of red velvet cake. The “Four Seasons Frutea”, is an instaworthy and a refreshing drink, loaded with fresh fruits. But my favorite has to be the “Triple Dream” since it’s all about passion fruit.

From their salad section, I had a “Classic Caprese Salad”, having the blend of flavors and basic ingredients just the way I like. The “Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad”, is their most loved one. The presentation is unmatched and tastes equally delicious. But the”Quinoa Salad” served with fresh herbs is definitely a winner.

The “Cajun Fried Prawns” here be the best, they were right crispy and less spicy. Their “Chicken Phyllo Cups”, just gave a tasty twist to the combination of chicken with a crispy texture. The filling is very light, delicious and will leave you wanting more. The “Fried Bocconcini Cheese Balls”, are truly cheesy and yum. The “Veg Pita Pockets” here felt a little dry to chew.

I tried a “Ricola Pizza”, it was thin crust, a bit sweet, and loaded with rocket leaves toppings. I also had a “Tapioca Burger”, made of tapioca patty, coconut, and sautéed onion mayo. The Italian meals would not have ended without the Raviolis. I tried a “Chicken Ravioli” and a “Spinach & Cheese Ravioli” in white sauce. The “Spinach Cannelloni” was a heart winner, stuffed cylinder shape pasta baked with spinach. This was a new Italian cuisine for me. The “Organic Red Rice & Parmesan Cheese” Risotto was infused with the right amount of Italian flavors, I have had risotto in Italian places and trust me this has been the best and healthy.

In the dessert, I had a “Caramel Profiteroles”, a “Chocolate Profiteroles”, a “Paris Brest”, a “Chocolate Eclairs”, and a “Choux and Brownie”. I tried “Om Ali”, an Egyptian dessert for the first time, I’m not a fan of rose flavor so I didn’t savor it much. The show stopper was the “Orange Créme Brule”, the sesame cracker gave a very balanced taste to the sweetness.

The ambiance here is tranquil, posh and green. The money spent is totally worth it. They have taken care of seating for a big group and a date at the same time. I shall definitely visit again to try on more dishes from their menu.

Cafe Rome at a glance:-

Bubble Teas:  5/5

Food: 5/5

Service:  4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5

Overall: 4.6/5

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