Drunken Monkey, Indore

Drunken Monkey is located within 5 min walk from C21 Mall in Vijay Nagar, Indore. As the name says this place will certainly keep you high yet healthy. They are serving in many other cities of India and the Indore outlet is a very recent one. It’s a pretty recommended cafe indeed!

They really serve awesome smoothies, shakes, coffee, and few quick bites. The menu here will keep you engaged for a while, every smoothie/shake comes up with a stupendous name and has a very subtle description of the ingredients used and the health benefits (in meal smoothie) attached to it. They offer more than 50 variants of shakes if I’m not wrong. I have been here thrice already and have tried ‘Nutella Meal’, ‘Super Fibre Meal’ and ‘Crazy Stupid  Smoothie’. Each time their smoothie astonishes me and makes me come again to try the rest of their menu. Drunken Monkey is lighter on your pockets as well. A savory yet healthy smoothie for hardly 160 bucks isn’t a bad deal with which you get to take away the glass bottle too!

The interior is maintained as sober as possible. The main theme is all things wooden. They do provide a few board games, UNO, Jenga, etc. to pass the time. The ambiance is calm and cozy with very little disturbance. The staff members are very courteous and generous. I shall definitely visit this place yet again. This is the kind of getting high with no restrictions. Cheers to Drunken Monkey!

Drunken Monkey at a glance:-

Food:  4/5

Service:  4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5

Overall: 4/5

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