Glazz, Indore

Glazz is a newly opened pub & restro lounge in the city, located right on the sides of Chappan Dukan. It definitely has an unmatched ambiance and has nothing to do with the “glass” as the name reflects, but is about all things glittery with posh aura.

I visited this place during lunch hours and was definitely too early for a pub experience. I believe it’s more lively after the dusk. They serve a wide variety of veg and non-veg (but hardly two fish dish) meals. I ordered a “Lemon and Basil Fish with Herb Rice”, the fish was very savory & fresh, and the rice served on the side was well blended with the herbs. I also had an “Italian Fajita Pasta Sizzler (NON-VEG)”, when the dish arrived it seemed to be a vegetarian one, but the waiter said it has tiny chopped chicken pieces (I didn’t find one). On the final bill, we were charged for a vegetarian sizzler dish. Maybe they are too lazy to offer a replacement or the staff is least conscious about the order placed. It is a pocket-friendly place and the zomato gold is an added delight.

The place is very spacious and has very comfortable seating areas. I just loved the perfect and innovative use of lights here. The music is played at a sound decibel and wouldn’t interrupt a conversation. This place offers picture perfect spots both inside and out. I would love to visit once to experience their clubbing culture and few drinks.

Glazz at a glance:-

Food:  4/5

Service:  2/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5

Overall: 3/5

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