Go Native, HSR, Bangalore

Go Native has 3 outlets across Bangalore and I happen to visit the one located in HSR layout. Go Native is one of very few spot for all your Vegan, Organic and Gluten-Free yet tasty needs in Bangalore. They have their own farm, grows all the veggies in an organic way and follow the concept of “Farm-to-Fork” in a literal sense.

They have a seasonal menu and keep on updating it with the seasonal veggies/fruits. I started my delightful brunch with a “Hydrating Booster“, a blend of watermelon, orange, ginger & turmeric, a “Metabolism Booster”, a blend of apple, cucumber, lettuce, beetroot, ginger & lemon, followed by a hot bowl of “Moringa Leaves & Corn Soup”,  this was as interesting as it sounds. The “Pineapple & Raw Papaya Salad” was served as an appetiser; refreshing, light & tasty. The starter was a healthy spread of “Aloo Patha Chaat” with a twist of fried spinach leaf & ladies finger, a “Harabhara Sabudana Kebab”, a delicious cross over of spinach with sabudana and a “Assorted Mini Burger Sliders”, having a pineapple, beetroot & broccoli burger. I absolutely loved the tint of pineapple in burger.

For the main course I had one “Millet Palak Khichdi”, served with rice papad and raita. After hogging on the heavy starters, this was soothing. I also had one “Banana Flower & Paneer Paratha”, it gave very homely taste and was fulfilling. The desserts here were worth it. I had a “Mysore Pak with Lemon Cheese Cream”, a “Gulab Jamun Pudding with Avocado Kalakand” and my favourite was “Apple Jalebi with Kesar, Coconut & Rabri”. I loved how they have presented the beloved Indian sweets with a delicious twist.

Being a plant lover, I adore the ambience here. It gives an outdoor garden feels. They offer and indoor seating as well. The staff is very well informed about the dishes served and will definitely give you more insights on preparation if asked. I shall definitely visit Go Native in every season to try on more of their healthy yet delicious dishes.

Go Native at a glance:-

Food:  5/5

Service:  5/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

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