Mineority By Saby, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

‘Mineority By Saby’ is one of a noted theme based café and you will definitely love the every ‘Miner’ detail of this place. Just by taking the very first step to the café you can relish the artistry of this place. It is a two-floor ample café with a bewitching rooftop seating area and a bar counter on both the floors. I visited this place on a Christmas Eve and truly loved the spirit.

The ambiance here is so solemn and snug with just the perfect amount of lights. The interior of this place can be said as “Such gewgaw, much wow”. I even fell for the layout of their menu. The music played here is just adequate. The staff members here are so staunch and obliging, they totally deserve a 10/10 for their kind hospitality. The coterie here is classy.

I tried ‘Shoe rolls’- fluffy dumplings of choux pastry with cheese, mushrooms and cracked black pepper. It was utterly delicious and mellow. I even tried a ‘Miner’s Ortolano Pizza’- a piquant blend of capsicum, onion, mushroom, green olives and crushed red chilies. The pizza toppings didn’t really impress me and without the sprinkle of oregano/ chili flakes, it was somewhat insipid. They undoubtedly serve the best ‘Virgin Pomegranate Mojito’, so tangy and refreshing.

Mineority By Saby at a glance:-

Food- 3.5/5



Value for money-4/5

Overall- 4/5

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