Nautanki – A Gastronomical Drama by Souq, Ahmedabad

Nautanki – Gastronomical Drama by Souq, Ahmedabad surely offers you some certified madness. It is located in the liveliest area and the centre of the city. Well, this café is just next to IIM-A. I just landed at this place impromptu and out of the blue. For the continental food in the city, this place should definitely be a spot. I literally fell in love at first sight with the Nautanki!

Their food menu is quite interesting; all the dishes served here have an element of surprise. The food here is mouthwatering be it a veg cuisine or a non-veg cuisine. The prices here are a bit on a higher side but for their unique food styling it is totally worth it. Every season or month they come up with a new and an exclusive cuisine accordingly.

Nautanki has the most surreal interior in the city. The outer seating area is just pretty from every angle. I loved their vibrant color palette. The ambiance is so tranquil, high-toned and captivating. At the dusk, with just perfect amount of lights this place looks beautiful. Their inner dining area is way more attractive and rich. Nautanki is striking inside and out. The staff and their service here is commendable. It is must visit place when you are in Ahmedabad.

Nautanki – A Gastronomical Drama by Souq at a glance-

Food- 4/5

Service- 5/5

Ambiance- 5/5

Value for money- 4/5

Overall- 4.5/5

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