​Sante Spa Cuisine, Bangalore

Sante Spa Cuisine, located in Indiranagar is a delish spot for all your Vegan, Organic and Gluten-Free food needs in Bangalore. Sante in French stands for Health. It is located in four more cities across India and is expanding. It is one of those houses turned beautifully into a Cafe place. Being a vegetarian cafe … Continue reading ​Sante Spa Cuisine, Bangalore


Mama Loca, Indore

Mama Loca is located in New Palasia, it is within a 5-minute walk from Chappan Dukan and can be easily spotted with a blue half door. Well, they claim to serve authentic Greek and Lebanese cuisines. I visited to assuage my cravings for some good non-veg food. I thankfully ordered only two dishes here. "Shish Taouk" - char-grilled chicken marinated … Continue reading Mama Loca, Indore