Tea tasting

Tea Tasting at Wayanad Tea Museum

I never knew Tea Tasting is a thing until I came across Wayanad Tea Museum. I’m not a tea person (COFFEE IS LOVE) and yet I would recommend paying this place a visit. Surrounded by lush green tea plantation, the history to this place dates way back in the late 1800s (I’m not enlightening you with the HISTORY, relax!).

Wayanad is a small town in God’s own country, largely known for tea cultivation and slightly coffee. If you are planning a trip here, don’t miss out on ‘Tea Tasting’. The museum will walk you through the journey of Tea Cultivation in the state, showcasing the older manual tools and equipment used in the tea cultivation process (If you’re into that sort of thing or you can skip to Tea Tasting). The wooden built up gives a very rustic and vintage ambiance.

I discovered that Tea Tasting is an art, there are proper schools that offer a degree in the same, and people around the globe are mastering the science of flavor and aroma (isn’t it interesting!). The Tea Tasting will cost you INR 50 per person. I tasted 8 different types of teas, brewed to perfection. The darker the color, the stronger is the tea. The teas ranged from the ones you find at your home to green and white teas. It all depends on at what stage the tea leaves are being plucked and undergo an oxidation process (Yeah Science, b*tch!).

If you visit early morning (9:00 ish), you can participate in the tea leaf plucking. A cafe is attached alongside, you can relish some quick munchies and sip some interesting teas from their menu (I ordered a chocolate tea and a basic cardamom tea). Since you are already planning a trip to Wayanad, do check out this amazing treehouse I stayed in here, and thank me later!

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