The Eyry, Indore

The Eyry has been on my list for so long since I heard about it from the fellow foodies. They usually have some workshops going on alongside. As the name translates to “Bird’s Nest”, the ambiance doesn’t really go with it.

Well, their menu is quite impressive to look at. It offers a wide variety of dishes with catchy names and great combinations. I tried their “The Giant Wheel”, basically a flat egg pizza served with few sides. It was bland and left my taste buds flavorless. I also had a “Multani Seekh Kebab”, a clay oven cooked minced chicken mixed with garlic, mint, fried onions and cheese. The chicken didn’t seem to be fresh and was rubbery to chew. I couldn’t finish the dish and had to walk away with leftovers. The prices definitely do not justify the dish they serve.

At least the ambiance here will win your heart. The seatings are very comfortable with soothing lightings. I loved the section where they have pasted books on the walls, it looked unique and picturesque. The service is quite slow. I clearly didn’t have a good dining experience here.

The Eyry at a glance:-

Food:  2/5

Service:  2/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Value for money: 2/5

Overall: 2/5

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