The Project Cafe, Ahmedabad

The Project Cafe is all about a stunning café, an artistic art gallery, a store and a museum. They have turned a ‘Yellow’ house in café cum store that too in a pretty awesome way. I loved the art theme based interior of the place.

They do sell designers clothes, accessories and some antiques. A place with good food and a little shopping spot, what else could you ask for. The artistic ambiance here is so classy and eye-catching.

The ‘Strawberry fruit pancake’ here is one of the best I ever had, it is served with maple syrup, fresh cream and butter and is highly recommended. The raspberry martini here is refreshing and tangy (non-alcoholic).

The ambiance of this place is so chic, indie and classy at the same time. The seating area is neither in some proper symmetry nor two seating area/arrangement looks same; every inch of The Project Cafe is so unique that’s what I loved the most.

This place is a highly recommended place in Ahmedabad for some luscious pancakes.

The Project Cafe at  a glance:-

Food: 5/5

Service: 4/5


Value for money:4/5


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